If you are interested in gauging your workplace culture and worried about the time and expense of a long process, we have a product for you. Our Speed Culture Assessment is offered 8 times a year and takes our normal 4-6 week process and condenses it to 2 days. 

SCA Process Visual.png

Our Speed Culture Assessment (SCA) quickly measures your organization’s work environment to deliver objective information and provide effective solutions for improvement. 



  • Bring 6-8 team members to your office

  • Release our Employee Pulse Survey (15 questions)

  • Conduct a Culture Walk

  • Conduct Employee Focus Groups

  • Conduct 1:1 Employee Interviews


  • Culture experts focused squarely on your  organization for more than 75 hours over 2 days.

  • An executive summary that you can share with employees and key stakeholders.

  • A plan to work on embedding your culture with the right symbols, rituals, behaviors and systems.